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Friday, December 24, 2010

"Just Between Friends" panel discussion was moderated by Faraz Hodbhoy, founder and Senior Vice President of PixSense, a company that provides social networking platform for mobile phone users. Hoodbhoy said he too started his company with friends and still enjoys good relationship with them.

In responding to the question about how did the three sets of entrepreneurs meet their respective partners Awais and Guy said they worked at Cisco together and enjoyed good working relationship in that assignment; when Awais quit the job to start on his own, Guy knew he could trust Awais in the enterprise; Raj met Prabhakar when one day Prabhakar knocked on his door to find out about the neighborhood Raj was living in--later both worked together at Xambala and discovered their distant family connections; Osman and Babur went to school together and later found it comfortable to be in a business partnership.

Photo shows Murrali Rangarajan of TiE



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