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Sunday, April 21, 2019

OPEN Silicon valley Forum 2019

Photo highlights of OPEN Silicon valley Forum 2019

Phil Jaber of Philz Coffee

Phil Jaber at OPEN Forum 2019 (video)

Dr. Naveed Sherwani at OPEN SV Forum 2019 (video)

(Video) Panel discussion on
How AI will change the future of investing and Capital Market trends with actionable ideas

Moderator: Asif Alam
Panelists: (left to right) Imran Jaffer, Ting O'Conner, Jeremy Palac, Pouya Taaghol

Ihsas team

IC design (Video)

Emerging Technologies (Video)
Faraz Hoodbhoy

Panel discussion on
Building Bridges between Healthcare and Technology (video)
Moderator: Faisal Cheema
Panelists:  Isha Abdullah, Dr. Zakia Rahman, Tahir Mehmood, Dr. Ritu Lal, Ph.D

Anwar Akram, VP Marketing, Google (video)
OPEN volunteers

Panel discussion on
Essentials for Startups: Planning & Protecting Assets (video)
Moderator: Riaz Karamali
Panelists: (left to right) Tim Burgh, Riaz Karamali, James R Mayock

Friday, February 08, 2019

Does Careem work in Istanbul?

Yes, Careem is working well in Istanbul.

If you search the Internet, one of the top five searches you get includes a ‘news’ from September, 2018 that reads: ‘Dubai’s Careem leaves Turkey Luxury market to Uber.’  This article appears on arabianbusiness.com.  In February 2019, this scribe found Careem to be working well in Istanbul.

Search strings:
Is Careem working in Istanbul?
Is Careem working in Turkey?
Is Careem still operational in Istanbul?
Is Careem still operational in Turkey?
Has Careem left Istanbul?
Has Careem left Turkey?

Careem, Uber, and BTaksi

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Thursday, November 08, 2018

Pakistanis are finding ways around the Basel Convention rules to pollute their own land

Pakistanis are finding ways around the Basel Convention rules to pollute their own land

A phone conversation with a prominent Pakistani Judge, Justice Zulfiqar Ahmad Khan, has revealed the extent of toxic colonialism happening in Pakistan.  For a few hundred dollars per consignment, Pakistanis are ready to accept hazardous waste generated by developed countries; the waste is then quietly dumped in Pakistan.  From used tires to electronic waste to expired insecticides and other chemicals, Pakistani importers are welcoming hazardous waste of all kinds and from all over.
And Pakistani importers involved in these shady transactions have ‘novel’ ideas of usage of this waste: used tires to be burned as fuel in factory ovens, electronic waste categorized as useful parts, and rejected chemicals called important ingredients, Pakistani importers are fighting with the overburdened customs force for the approval of their arriving shipments.  Meanwhile, Pakistan’s 18th amendment to its constitution is working in the favor of the waste importers.  With greater autonomy over its affairs on the passage of that amendment, each province is responsible for the protection of its own environment.  Importers are finding it easy to obtain NOCs (No-objection certificates) from the Environmental Protection Agencies of depressed areas—Balochistan EPA being most eager to issue such NOCs.

Thursday, November 01, 2018

Bay Fair BART Station

Oct. 31, 2015
Bay Fair BART Station

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Logistics in the Age of AI Artificial Intelligence at OPEN Silicon Valley Forum 2018

Logistics in the Age of AI Artificial Intelligence at OPEN Silicon Valley Forum 2018
Moderator: Raheel  Bodla, Program Manager, Bart Manufacturing
Bindia Vakif Founder and CEO of Regolin
Waheed Umerani, Supply Chain & Manufacturing Lead at Argo AI
Babar Yasin, Founder and CEO of Sourcing Ease

Sunday, May 13, 2018

OPEN Forum 2018 miscellaneous photos