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Saturday, January 29, 2011

So much behind in telling interesting things to the world!
By the time we reached the Mushroom Festival [A Celebration of Wild Mushrooms: 41st Annual Fungus Festival; Lawrence Hall of Science, Berkeley] on Dec 5, it was pouring. But inside the Lawrence Hall of Science hundreds of unfazed mushroom aficionados taught and learned almost everything one would ever want to know about mushrooms. The fact that mushrooms can recycle waste into edible protein, with little need for sunlight, excites me.
Why can't I spread spores on my compost pile and grow mushrooms there? I ask.
No, the compost does not have enough nutrition for the mushrooms. You need animal waste.
I am that animal. I can use my waste. That would be a perfect and most direct recycling scheme between me and the botanical world.



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