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Monday, April 30, 2012

Faiz asked God to erase today’s sorrows with tomorrow’s sweet hopes. آءیے عرض گزاریں کہ نگار ہستی زہر امروز میں شیرینی فردا بھر دے Can today’s animosity be erased by yesterday’s sweetness? Yes, it might. If the Indus Heritage Day picks up momentum and gradually becomes an annual commemorative event in the three big South Asian sates (India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh), people may come to realization that their bond from past is much stronger than today’s superficial differences. Indus Heritage Day--a program to discuss and understand the Indus Valley Civilization-- arranged on Sunday, April 29, was organized by The 1947 Archive, the India Community Center, and the Pakistani American Cultural Center. Well-known film director Saqib Mausoof’s documentary film “In Search of Meluhha” was screened at the program. [Outside Indus Valley, contemporary civilizations knew the Indus Valley Civilization as ‘Meluhha.’] Dr. J Mark Kenoyer, an expert on the Indus Valley Civilization, gave the keynote speech.


At Mon Apr 30, 06:01:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Vasant Davé said...

Sitting in Vadodara, India, I saw your photos and got a fairly good idea about IHD, as also what all efforts must have gone behind making it a success. Congratulations to the Organizers and all the people who worked behind the scene.

I agree with you that such functions would go a long way in creating awareness among South Asian people, especially our youngsters, that we have more in common than differences.


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