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Monday, May 11, 2015

Mohammad Khaliqi arrested, now get Bruce Springsteen

Mohammad Khaliqi arrested, now get Bruce Springsteen

With cameras sprouting everywhere, and people interacting with each other in real time on social networks, criminals are finding it hard to hide.  After a 13-year old San Jose girl was stalked and assaulted last Tuesday, and the photos of the assailant started appearing in news feeds on Facebook and other social media sites, Mohammad Khaliqi knew he was in trouble—that he had to do something drastic to hide.  Khaliqi shaved his beard and head, and moved to a house in San Leandro.  But none of that helped him.  Tens of thousands of Bay Area social media users were on the side of the 13-year old. Once tips from the general public identified the Tuesday attacker as Mohammad Khaliqi, police knew where Khaliqi lived and what places he could run to, to hide.  The house in San Leandro was one of those places and Mohammad Khaliqi was arrested there Friday morning, in slightly over 48 hours of the assault.
The brave 13-old who had hit Khaliqi in the face, told ABC7 Khaliqi approached her when she was about to open the front door of her house.  Khaliqi asked the girl directions, then asked her name and “started asking inappropriate questions.”  You wonder what kind of inappropriate questions Khaliqi asked the young girl.  Was Khaliqi inspired by Bruce Springsteen’s ‘I’m on Fire’?  Did Khaliqi repeated the lyrics of that song to the teenager?
‘Hey, little girl, is your daddy home?/Did he go and leave you all alone?/I got a bad desire./Oh-oh-oh, I'm on fire.’
What should we do with singers popularizing the idea that it is OK for men to force themselves on young girls when daddy is not home?

Surveillance camera images of Mohammad Khaliqi, courtesy of sfexaminer.com
Photo of Bruce Springsteen, courtesy of ultimateclassicrock.com, Monty Fresco, Getty Images


At Tue May 12, 02:11:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mohammad Khaliqi, is of Afghan-descent?
Or Iranian, or Kurdish?


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