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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Disapproving aggression in a very violent society

Disapproving aggression in a very violent society

‘Ho KyoN Tabiyyat Mein Changezi’ (Why should one have an aggressive temperament), an Urdu book of religious material, personal experiences, and reflections was introduced on January 24 at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi.  Around one hundred people attended the literary evening presided over by renowned Urdu poet Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqui.  Besides others the author of the book, Qazi Majid Ali Advocate, Mehmood Shaam and Abrar Hasan spoke at the occasion.  The program was emceed by Agha Masood.

Video of Abrar Hasan's speech is here:

Also see this relevant Urdu news:

 قاضی ماجد علی ایڈووکیٹ کی کتاب ہو کیوں طبیعت میں چنگیزی
آغا مسعود
ڈاکٹر پیرزادہ قاسم رضا صدیقی
ابرار حسن ایڈووکیٹ
محمود شام


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