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Friday, December 25, 2020

How to dial a 111 number from your mobile phone in Pakistan

 The Universal Access Numbers--starting with 111--in Pakistan are meant to provide the same number to residents of every city to dial. Based on this information you would think you can pick up your cell phone and dial a 111 number without adding anything before it.  Wrong!  You must dial the city code the 111 number is operating from and then the 111 number.  Most of the 111 numbers are out of Karachi so you must dial 021 before the 111 number.  But some are out of Lahore (042) and a few out of Islamabad (051).  I was trying to call Air Blue--111-AIR-BLU (247-258); dialing 021-111-247-258 worked.  If that had not worked I would have tried 042-111-247-258 or 051-111-247-258.


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