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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Masud Ghani Advocate, another curious COVID-19 casualty

 Masud Ghani Advocate, another curious COVID-19 casualty

More than anything else, it is the caprice of the COVID-19 that is a cause of anxiety for a lot of people.  One and a half-year into the current pandemic, the statistics clearly show that the new Corona virus is vicious to people over sixty-five, and to those with preexisting medical conditions.  Then why do some young, healthy people succumb to this viral infection?  Take for example the case of Masud Ghani, a lawyer from Karachi.  He was a healthy, middle-aged man; someone who should have easily defeated COVID-19…if the general trend had to be believed in.  But it did not turn out this way for him.  On get-ting infected from the virus, he ran high fever.  He stayed at home for a couple of days but when his breathing became labored, he was moved to the Civil Hospital in Karachi.  He remained in the hospital for a week and died on February 9.  
Why are some young healthy people falling prey to the virus that is normally lethal only to the sick and elderly?  Over 2.3 million worldwide COVID-19 deaths later, the medical science is still clueless about these anomalies.  Shameful!


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