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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Working with Sharks

Almost twenty years ago when Fouzia Saeed, working at UNDP, Islamabad, was sexually harassed by her supervisor little did her tormentor know that he was awakening a giant.  Fouzia Saeed rose from that position of vulnerability to challenge sexual harassment at her office and later to transform herself into a women’s rights activist; Saeed and her colleagues helped Pakistani legislators make laws that give legal rights to women in fighting cases of sexual harassment. Fouzia Saeed’s recently published book ‘Working with Sharks’ is her personal story of turning around a pesky case of harassment into a potent women’s right movement.

On Tuesday, March 6, Fouzia Saeed spoke at an OPEN (Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America) sponsored program and described her journey from a UNDP worker to a women’s rights activist in Pakistan.


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Listen to the audio of the talk here:

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See video here:



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