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Friday, February 19, 2021

Death of a scholar--A World Lost (Agha Saeed)


A thousand memories come to mind--UMA, PADF, GTV.  Agha Saeed meeting with locals to decide how Muslims should vote en bloc to have a bigger impact in the US elections.  Agha Saeed coming to give a speech at the MCA after attending a meeting at the White House.  Agha Saeed hosting a program in honor of Tariq Ali.  Agha Saeed arranging literary evenings in multiple cities of the US.  And then the sad news of Agha Saeed’s stroke and his paralysis.  Subsequently, many meetings at his place in Fremont in which he communicated through his iPad and wanted to revive the organizations he had founded.

I did not get to see Agha Saeed in his last days--an excruciating regret I would have to live with.  I hope he left smiling, knowing that he influenced a lot of people and that his legacy will have a far longer life.


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