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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Golden Temple and rain

It was raining pretty heavily when we reached Golden Temple this time around. It was my second trip to India. In the first trip it was only I--crossed border in the afternoon, spent the night in Amritsar, and then crossed border in the morning to go back to Lahore. In the second trip H was with me--crossed border, showed H around in Amritsar, and then took a bus to Pathankot. Actually, we wanted to go to Dharamsala but we had missed that bus. The idea was to go to Pathankot and then take another bus to Dharamsala. But we reached Pathankot very late at night, and we had to be back in Lahore the next day, so there was no point in continuing the journey to Dharamsala that night. Spent the night in Pathankot and took 8:20 a.m. train back to Amritsar.


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