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Thursday, October 21, 2010

This evening around 45 people gathered at the Martin Luther King Library, San Jose State University to listen to Yasmin Qureshi's talk on "Kashmir in Conflict: Roots and Global Implications." In her detailed presentation, Yasmin gave a historical account of the conflict and shared her personal experiences from a recent visit to Srinagar and other areas of the Indian occupied Kashmir. The program was arranged by the Culture & Conflict Forum.



At Mon Oct 25, 08:43:00 PM PDT, Blogger Nihilist said...

Throughout the presentation Yasmin showed her bigoted view of world. World, as she knows with her islamist glasses. I did not expect much different either, since i knew her pointless blabber from her previous presentations and articles online. While the presentation was on no one was allowed to speak(which is fine). Problem is that Yasmine and her 2-3 supporters could not stand the debate with those who shared a different view. One east asian guy(Not indian i must say) exclaimed "What's the purpose of your pointless presentation?" Perhaps he was new to the world of liars like Yasmin..Her blabber works very well with uninformed guests. Here an informed opinion amongst the audience put her back in her cave. She was hurried away since her associates and herself had enough of buffer overruns and dangling pointers with no logic supporting them.


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