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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Asrar Hasan--banker (1942-2015)

Throughout his life, Chacha Jan, my uncle, made conveniences for me.  His last act of kindness towards me was to die very early in the day I was leaving town, saving me the hassle of changing my travel plans.

[Detailed personal notes coming soon.]

It takes some time for events to sink in my thick skin.  The morning of February 23 as the plane started to make its final descent and passengers aggravated by the sixteen hour flight came back to life looking forward to the prospect of being freed soon, the ugly dead end death brings the avenue of possibilities to, suddenly became pellucid. It was then that I realized that with his death Chacha Jan had taken a large chunk out of my life too. I was sure I felt it much later than scores of destitute he regularly fed at various sufi tombs.

Asrar Hasan (1942-2015)

Born:  Haswa, British India, 1942
Moved to Pakistan: 1958
Employment with Habib Bank Limited: 1962- 1974
Married Naushaba Sultana: 1969
HBL: Posted in Karachi, then Singapore, back to Karachi, then Sharjah, later Dubai
Employment with the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI): 1974 - 1991
Posted first in Saudi Arabia, then in Egypt, as Country Chief
Moved back to Pakistan: 1991
Worked at the Soneri Bank: 1992 - 2008
Naushaba Sultana died of kidney failure: November, 2012
Asrar Hasan diagnosed with fourth stage hepatic cancer: July, 2014
Died: 6:30 am on Sunday, February 22, 2015, at his home in Karachi.



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