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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Hannah Graham Found?

What contributed to Hannah Graham's disappearance? Alcohol.  Plain and simple.  An 18-year old drinking (illegally) and getting totally sloshed is obviously putting herself in a very vulnerable position.  How did the University of Virginia sophomore get alcohol when the minimum drinking age in Virginia, like most other places in the US, is 21? Jesse Matthew bought her those drinks.  Jesse is now a 'person of interest' in the Hannah Graham disappearance case.  The two met in a mall and then went to a bar. Although Jesse denies it, it will be very surprising if Jesse did not take advantage of Hannah Graham that night.  After all Jesse did all the necessary work: he bought Hannah drinks and got her drunk to the point where Hannah had no idea of her whereabouts.
How is Hannah Graham disappearance case being solved?  Through security cameras individual businesses and residences own.  Why is the case still unsolved?  Because there are large gaps between the coverage of surveillance cameras…something that is not the case in our intentional community, Elmustee.  All public places in Elmustee are thoroughly monitored.  Video recordings are kept for at least a year.  Even months after an incident, you can look at the video recordings of various cameras to piece together the complete story.  Had Hannah Graham disappeared inside Elmustee, the case would have been solved in hours.  From the moment when Hannah came out of the bar, we could tell you which way she went, which car she got into, where did that car finally stop, and which building she entered in the end.

Photo, courtesy of http://myfox8.com.


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