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Monday, October 23, 2006

Faces of Eid-12
Man, woman, and child.

Faces of Eid-11
Suit and keffiyeh.

Faces of Eid-10
Fez and embroidered clothes.

Faces of Eid-9
A man in traditional dress

Faces of Eid-8
Busy making Eid plans on the phone!

Faces of Eid-7
Grandfatherly love.

Faces of Eid-6
"Young girls with eyes like the desert", sang Madonna.
[Very sorry about the overexposure of this picture!]

Faces of Eid-5
Man in striped suit.

[My camera setting was not correct for the shoot and a lot of my pictures turned out overexposed. Here I have lost definition of this man's beautiful hat.]

Faces of Eid-4
A young boy

Faces of Eid-3
Two young girls
[This picture was taken by Sumaira.]

Faces of Eid-2
Did he lead the prayer today?

Faces of Eid-1
A happy family

For the majority of Muslims living in Bay Area the month of fasting ended on Sunday, it celebrated Eid on Monday. This picture shows Eid prayer gathering at MCA (Muslim Community Association, a Sunni mosque). After the prayer people hung around in the parking lot and enjoyed carnival environment. People were dressed up in beautiful regional/national clothes. I went around asking individuals for their permission to take their shot. So, here it is, my little photo library from today. I told people I was calling this project, 'Faces of Eid, in the San Francisco Bay Area.'
Tomorrow I plan to go to SABA (Shia Association of Bay Area) Center to attend their Eid celebrations. Happy Eid!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Preemptive War Within; The FBI's Jihad

Reports suggest that after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, Government summoned the intelligence people and told them to do everything possible to prevent further acts of terrorism.

The government started pouring money into anti-terrorism operations, and amongst other efforts, informants were recruited and sent to Muslim communities around the country. These undercover FBI agents were paid handsomely to produce results.

One such spy went to Lodi, California, and made friends with the insular, agricultural and working-class Pakistani community in that rural town. Most of the members of the Lodi Pakistani community were alarmed by the anti-American rhetoric of the newcomer...23-year old Hamid Hayat was not.

The short film being introduced tries to shine some new light on the ground realities of the Hamid Hayat case, including a visit to Behboudi, the small village in Northern Pakistan that is Hamid's ancestral home and where, the FBI says, he went to learn...

How to Kill Americans

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