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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Moin Khan's "Rediscovering Pakistan- The Untold Tale" screened at the PACC

Considering all the murder and mayhem laced headlines Pakistan grabs in the international media, it is hard to imagine very many international travelers will be interested in exploring traveling opportunities in Pakistan.  But a screening of "Rediscovering Pakistan- The Untold Tale" a documentary made by Moin Khan, a Bay Area bike enthusiast, originally from Lahore, disaffirmed such estimates.  Around 200 queued up at the Pakistani American Culture Center in Milpitas to watch the documentary in two sessions! 
After doing a mostly overland trip from San Francisco to Pakistan on his motorbike in 2011, Moin Khan now works as a tour operator and takes groups of tourists to biking trips in Pakistan.  "Rediscovering Pakistan- The Untold Tale" was filmed on the last trip Moin Khan and his foreign guests did in the northern areas of Pakistan.


Thursday, January 01, 2015

Announcing a new addition to the family

A year in which a good amount of time is spent in surface traveling is a great year.  2014 was truly wonderful! A 65-day surface traveling trip that started in Bogota ended up in Santiago de Chile. Stories from that trip have started to show up in print.  One is here:


And what better way to conclude a long, strenuous trip than to do Bikram Yoga in the last city being visited?  The photo shows Oxana Sidorenko, my Ukrainian-Russian-Chilean Bikram Yoga instructor in Santiago.  Back in August her pregnancy had just started to show.  She must be due very soon.
But that’s not the ‘new addition to the family’ the post is referred to.  It’s a new blog being added to the family of blogs.  The new member of the travel blogs is here


and is on the recent South American trip.

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