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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Taj Mahal minaret

Picture perfect lawn in front of Taj Mahal

Thanks to the policy of not allowing food and drinks in the premise.

Taj Mahal tomb entrance

more Taj Mahal

You don't see too many Taj Mahal side view pictures

Entrance into Taj Mahal courtyard

I can't get tired of Taj Mahal pictures-2

I can't get tired of Taj Mahal pictures

Hum ghareeboN kee mohabbat ka uRaya hai mazaq

It definitely is more beautiful than what I had imagined. Too bad we just had a couple of hours to stay there.

Help at Amritsar station


In an earlier post I had the wrong shot describing the no-man's-land. Here is the correct view of the no-man's-land at that border opening--it must be less than fifteen feet.

Crossing border, the third time

Two Tableeghi Jamat people were ahead of us. These missionaries travel a lot but I have not see any travelogues written by them.