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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Breakfast in Lahore, lunch in Amritsar

Well, it was actually a very late lunch, but I succeeded in doing what I wanted to do for a long time. I had breakfast in Lahore and after taking care of some business crossed the border on foot, and had lunch in Amritsar. Long live non-reporting visas, and may all Pakistanis and Indians soon have the privilege of traveling this way.

I had told my friend Shalini Gera I would write an article with the above title. But now I am not too sure I would. What exactly is so special about traveling between two cities that are just 60 km apart?

I have written more about the trip in Urdu, and it is going to be here:

Visa: Got multiple entry visa of 6-month validity from Indian Consulate in San Francisco.
Lahore to Wagah: The border is 30 km from Lahore. Budget travelers change a couple of buses to reach to the border (coming back, I believe Bus #4, border to Jallo; Bus #22 Jallo to ?: Bus ?? from ? to Lari Addah--Lahore Bus Stand). Taxi costs Rs.500-700.
Money conversion: Changing Pak Rupees to Indian Rupees you get a better rate on the Pakistani side. I got Indian Rs 700 for Pak Rs 1000.
Crossing border: Border is open 9:30 to 3:30 pm every day. Most of the people crossing the border on foot have foreign passports.
There is a short (1/4 km) no-man’s land to walk. Porters are available to carry your luggage.
Border to Atari: At the Indian side most people take cycle rickshaws to reach Atari bus stand (roughly 2.5 km from the border). Cycle rickshaw costs Rs.10.
Atari to Amritsar: Bus to Amritsara costs Rs.15.


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